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In the times , people are more and more health conscious than before. that's why the amount of individuals doing exercise is increasing day by day. People need various accessories and equipment besides hands-free exercises for meeting their fitness goals. For in-home exercises also as for gym exercises we are employing a lot of machines for various purposes. Among them, the treadmill is one among the foremost used ones. A treadmill is really a tool which is typically used for running or working when remaining at an equivalent spot. the essential working rule of a treadmill is there's a moving platform provided which is connected to a good conveyer belt driven by a flywheel or motor . When the user walks or runs thereon the belt will move to the rear. therefore the from the speed of belt movement we will calculate the speed of running or walking. because the rate of walking and running are often calculated we will also control the speed consistent with our wish. In Bangladesh, you'll also buy treadmills from top brands at Asian sky shop